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How the heck do you categorize?

September 18th, 2006 at 03:39 am

OK...I have been here for a couple weeks now and I still for the life of me cannot figure out how you categorize something. Do you select a catergory for your blog enteries, your posts to forums, your replys? I am so confused (well maybe just blog-challenged.
I'm sure through trial and error and alot of mistakes I'll get it. Hey...just like my finances!
Until next time....have a great day!

Yucky weather here!

September 14th, 2006 at 04:35 pm

I am in such a mood. The weather here is crazy. It is raining one second and chilly, then the sun comes out for 3 minutes. So, I go get my youngest and say "put your shoes on we'll go outside". We head to the door and there is the rain! I don't think I can take another day of this. It's not cold enough to be inside, but not nice enough to be outside. I feel useless. I don't know if I should cook on the grill or make a pot of soup. Aghghgh...Ohio Weather. Believe me, I love the fall here. I love the trees, the smell of camp fires in the cool night air, eating "soups" and wearing jeans and sweatshirts. I just don't care for this "stuck in the middle stage".
I am looking outside now and can't tell the difference between the time now 7:33pm and the way it looked at 1:00pm. Talk about yuk. I think tomorrow looks better....never thought I'd be so excited to mow grass.
I can say one thing that is positive, no fans, no air, no heat needed...so no money spent there...

Hubby Helped!

September 13th, 2006 at 04:09 am

Ok...how great is this. Last night I was going thru all my bills and my HUBBY got down on the floor and helped! Yes, this is a true miracle!We both sat there and went over everything...it was great. I must admitt I was pleased to finally break everything down in front of him and show him exactly "WHY" we have no money. I have always had a small gut feeling he really was clueless about where all the money goes.
He actually did know more than I gave him credit. He actually did have some input, and I think this is really going to work.
Here is what we came up with:
( This is per month......)

Income: 3036 monthly
617.34 Mortgage
430.50 Car
363.73 truck
94.00 Gas/heat
130.00 Electric
70.00 water
39.00 Cable
42.00 phone
28.90 Internet
174.50 Insurances home/car
118.00 taxes/property
350.00 gas/vehicle
20.00 RX
60.00 Dr.Bills
22.00 Union Dues

2559.97 monthly Bills

Income: 3036.00
Bills -2559.97
That only leaves me with $476.03 every month for credit card debt($1736.13), food, extras and savings.........

Now we know why we are in the mess we are in! When something comes up, we go to the credit card! It looks horrible! Aghghghgh.........I need to fix this!

Tonight I am going to add it all up!

September 10th, 2006 at 07:56 am

I am going to do it. I must must have done this 20 times in the last few weeks and then it has gotten pushed aside every single time.
I want start to keep track of all our spending. That includes mortgage, car payments, utility, medical, insurances, food, gas, medications, extras. I want to do this for an entire month and really see where all our income is going. I have never done this before. (I think this is where the Paycheck-to-paycheck) life comes from. My husband works hard and it seems we just can't get it.
However, with $0 in savings, $0 cash in hand, and the money in checking is only there and promised to bills coming up....we'll where do I start?
That is why I feel if I sit down tonight and just write down every single cent I need to pay out every month, every cent that comes in every month, I may see a way to save.
Does anyone have any other ideas where I should start?
OK..to be real honest here...yesterday was my birthday...I feel that today gives me that "clean slate" and a goal of 1 year to see just how well I can turn our financial future around.
I have never been taught how to save, spend, budget and DH has not either. We were both spoiled only children who's parents are STILL..not the best role models when it comes to money. I want better for myself, my DH and my children.
Yes, enough is enough.
This is my venting arena..now I need to actually put my plan into action.
Everyone's input will greatly appreciated! Enjoy the Day!

Grocery Budget help?

September 7th, 2006 at 03:36 am

I almost forgot to ask... I am loong for any ideas on how people manage their groceries. I understand about setting a budget, using coupons and sticking to my list.
The trouble I have is I tend to run out of "big-priced Items" all at the same time and go way over my weekly budget some times. With 3 kids, hubby's type of work...I am constantly washing clothes. I buy detergent when it is onsale, or a good deal at Sam's club. However, It's a chunk of change. I also cook meals everyday. I make sure my family has all the "food groups" in every meal. Why is it so expensive to eat healthy?
I've stated in my blog I usually only spend about $160 a week. ....and then there are the times when we need detergent, shampoo, soap, meat stocked in the freezer, and all those little things that always seem to be empty at the same time (peanut butter, ketchup, oil..etc..
I guess I am looking to see if anyone has a way of managinf their grocery budget better than I am. Just thought if there were any types inventory-type ideas that may help me? Well I guess I better go get my oldest 2 up for school and pack those "healthy-expensive " lunches.

Love this site!

September 7th, 2006 at 03:22 am

I just wanted to say that I love this site. I have done nothing but read and read and read for days now. I must say I should be doing more around the house...lol. It's just great to see all the tips and ideas people have.
I've also noticed a lot of people really doing well and hope that by keeping this site in my daily routine I can start a new financial life.
It will be great one day to relax and not worry so much about everything related to $. Have a great day!

Act together...

September 4th, 2006 at 03:42 pm

I am a mom of the children. I am a stay at home mom. My husband is an Union Electrician. We make enough just to get from pay to pay without using a budget. I feel it is time to get into gear and try to invest and save. I will return to work in the next 2 years after our youngest is in school.
We have a past full of 1 Bankruptcy 8 years ago, (our daughter was very ill and we had terrible insurance and got caught up with using credit cards just to pay medical bills and buy food). Since then we have been awesome. We have only 2 credit cards with only $1,500 combined balance. We never miss payments. We have 2 car payments, and we did have a house payment from our bank until my grandfather paid it off and we pay him because he only charges us 5% interest.I guess I am a bit concerned about not have a mortgage reported to the credit bureaus.
I have a major problem with just getting by and not having enough when something happens, or special occasions. I try my best to be frugal. I use coupons, shop at thrift stores( way more than I should but I justify it because it's cheap), I only spend on average about $150/week in groceries for my family of 5. I think that is good?? I just pay the bills first, buy the food, and everytime there is extra it seems that soemthing breaks, or it's someone's birthday, or kids need something. I can never just get OVER the hump and save. I want to feel secure. I need to know I am on my way to being a responsible person. Oh I could type forever on this. I guess I'll stop for now and let you respond and go from there! Thanks a bunch!